Once a week, hopefully.

i’m gonna try to produce one BFBC2 comic strip a week. hopefully the consistency can keep you all coming back ;). so here’s this week’s.


  1. Though I do not play BFBC2, the way you depict is brilliant yet funny! Keep up the good work!

  2. thanks mate!

  3. Draw one where some soldier is shooting another soldier and he doesnt die and knifes him.Its happens to me a lot :c

  4. absolutly brilliant! please keep them coming helps getting through a long day at work :)

  5. Very much enjoyed your BfBC2 cartoons. Some of them hit a chord with me and they all make me grin, smile and laugh!

  6. hi, love reading your webs, cartoon strip and all that..
    why didn’t finish your autobiography?? it’s so interesting and at the same time inspiring…

  7. didnt think anybody was reading it at all ;)

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