Getting published

when i first started doing the BFBC2 comics, it was just for fun as i love the PS3 beta and just couldn’t get my hands off it. in fact it took quite a chunk off my attention, and i use it to get my mind off writing my thesis. at least it eases the tension off a bit.

i didn’t expect the kind of reception it got in the following weeks. people have been asking – no – demanding for more, so occasionally when i have the time i would sit down and scribble a new comic. it was given the honours when DICE themselves recognize the game and featured it on the battlefield blog. i was ecstatic.

then it immediately got the attention of a wider audience, which i am more than grateful for. a russian gaming magazine,, contacted me for publication rights. i traded in publicity and promotion in exchange for the publication rights. this is the first time the comics have been featured on printed media.

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