Busy body, or good samaritan?

a little over 8pm just now, the road in front of the house came to a stand still. a police car parked across the road, lights swivelling, alarming the residents and road users that something is up. from my window, the weather was gloomy, it’s raining sleets and bits of ice. it’s cold and wet everywhere.

further down the road, we saw a couple more police cars parked at the junction. we could see an ambulance and two fire engines. personnels crowding over something which i couldn’t make out. so i went outside, straight into the wind and the rain.

it was an accident.

now the lane going down to the junction was jammed, while the lane from the junction are packed with diverted cars trying to get home from work. those stuck couldn’t make out what happened as their view have been blocked by the bus in front of them. so i went down to them.

i told them about the accident and the road is closed. they’ve been sitting there for at least 10 minutes now. but the road was packed, they couldn’t maneuvre. so i helped. a simple help turned into a full scale traffic diversion. i turned every other car on the jammed lane away. eventually the people at the back got what’s going on, and they started to turn back too. after i eased off the traffic, i went down to the junction.

two mercedezes crumpled together. from the position, it’s obvious that the first car tried to cross into the junction when the other car smashed into it. now the driver from the first car is stuck, and the fire fighters and paramedics trying to get him out of the driver’s seat. they already got the roof off when i got there.

i stayed for 10 minutes before it got too cold. so i left. another day, another night.

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