an uneventful weekend

here’s another boring weekend. ila went down to london. i bought her a first class train ticket at only GBP18. that’s filthy cheap! not that i’m a cheapskate though lol.

on the way back, i grabbed june’s empire magazine. it had a 3D cover of the hulk smashing through a wall. i was already prepared to pay when i saw a catchier total film magazine that comes with a free foil poster of hellboy2. now that’s even cooler. so i dropped empire and grabbed total film instead.

browsing the interiors, an artwork caught my eyes. it was an oil poster by stephane levallois, a french artist, depicting the incredible hulk hunching down under an arch bridge in a rainy, misty new york night. or atleast i think it’s new york. anyways, as soon as i got back home, i started scribbling in spirit of the painting. but instead of oil, i opted to use the pallette knife. this is to differentiate my work from his. then i changed the character to batman, and the city to gotham. finally, i opted to use blue tinge instead of green, something that is more inline with batman’s gothic feel.

i spent 3 hours doing this. and it feels good.

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  1. your sick :O
    you really got talent! and yeah right 3h?
    love your work

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