another one around the corner

it’s almost end of january, and i still couldnt come up with a good cause on why i need a virtual assistance to design education. owh, that’s part of my PhD research, but it’s one of the most crucial question that forms the core of the research. why would designers require an online or virtual assistance in doing design? cant they function without it? or does online assistance provide a certain edge that normal, offline designers do not possess?

these are some of the questions that need answering, and the thing is i have not a clue on how to even start explaining the answer. and i’ve got till 18 february to do this. and not to mention all the distractions that i foresee: the new PS3 console that i’ve just bought, valentines day around the corner, winter ending sale and so on.

so many things to do, so little time.

and i’ve talked to my head department back in UTM. he sort of hinted that i could proceed into my 4th year and he’ll approve it. although he did insist that i should really try to finish by end of this year. yeah, easy for him to say.

anyways, this piece above was done in painter and coreldraw. primarily in painter, as it is a paintover the cover of EMPIRE’s january issue featuring the late heath ledger as the joker. this piece was finished about less than a week before heath ledger was found dead in his apartment. his death did came to me as a surprise. i mean, i just painted him less than a week ago! oh bugger, may he rest in peace!

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