matrigal: red ghost

i started this when i fell with a fever about almost a year back. somehow i managed to forgotten all about it. and it took another fever a few days back to remind me to finish this piece off.

the 3d model was done in sketchup, basically throwing stuff around without really making any sense. i tried to get a feel of chaos, something of a post-war feel, complimentary to the world of matrigal. then i exported it in grayscale, and painted over in painter 9.5. added the red ghost there as well. this is the first time ever that i’ve used the pallette knife tool. pretty nifty. later transferred into photoshop for after effects. finally i went into coreldraw to add some letterings to break the monotone.

i might need a few hours more to add in more details and basically finish this up entirely. but still running a fever, so perhaps later.

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