Sabariah Tukang Sihir

Sabariah Tukang Sihir (Sabariah the Witch) is an idea for a comic book spawned by bohrtaag back in 2002. it tells the story of sabariah, a 15 year old girl who’ve developed a certain mystical abilities after a series of events. the story tells about her life, how she deals with being a teenage girl and at the same time having special abilities, helping others fight their inner demons as well as physical ones. despite having a very complex story line, the project have mellowed down, almost to a fullstop. it never made it as a comic or novel, although it has been developed conceptually. here i’m trying to build on the idea of STS, and construct animated gifs based on the characters turning it into a 2D fighting game ala street fighter, king of fighters, mortal kombat and samurai showdown.

most of the mystical characters are derived from malay folklore, one of it exhibited above is the orang minyak (roughly translated as oily man). technically orang minyak is known as a twisted man who’ve fallen to the dark side while exploring a forbidden knowledge to become invincible. the curse of the knowledge, once u’ve failed to fulfill its requirements, is that the man will become orang minyak. in order to lift the curse, he has to rape 40 virgins until he becomes normal again.

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