Girls of azarimy’s Mansion

each of the girls above was done on an A4 sized paper, drawn individually with pencils and ink. then each an every one of them were scanned and cleaned using photoshop. then the individual images were composed in a single canvas, resized and adjusted to create a line up of girls. later on, the composed canvas was exported into painter for painting. i intentionally paint the girls in one go, to achieve a controlled pallete over them. i intend to colour the outlines, but it would have taken too long and too tedious. i’ve already spent 7 hours up to this point alone.

after painting the drawing in painter, the raw image was then exported back to photoshop for finishing touches. in photoshop, the image was retouched by adjusting its brighness contrast value as well as saturations. then several highlights using colour dodge tool to enhance the glare, glow and shines. in total, 7 hours plus.

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